Inquiring about Jay Rosenblatt

–חשמל [chashmal] (from Hebrew, “speaking silence”) Born in New York in 1955, Jay Rosenblatt (often in collaboration with Caveh Zahedi, Stephanie Rapp, Dina Ciraulo, Jennifer Frame, or his daughter Ella Rosenblatt) has been making short collage and diary films since 1980, has taught film and video production at various schools in the San Francisco Bay area … Continue reading

Ethiopian Faces

Over the past year, I have been considering the Ethiopian photographs of Hans Silvester, especially his collections A Window on Africa: Ethiopian Portraits (2011) and Natural Fasion: Tribal Decoration from Africa (2008). Silvester started visiting the Omo Valley region of Ethiopia in 2003. Since then, he has returned at least two dozen times and has produced … Continue reading