Quid quid est in territorio est de territorio.

“Who is in the territory is of the territory.”

This medieval adage is often interpreted from the point of view of the State, the Sovereign, or the Authority of the territory: Anyone in the territory is subject to the laws, customs, and influences of the territory.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Yet, it is possible to suggest that we interpret this expression differently, from the point of view of the stranger in a strange land and consider how the foreign influences the domestic: When you are in Rome, you affect the Romans.

Considering the near and the far, the neighbor and the stranger, the friend and the enemy, the effects of the outsider on the inside–these are the goals of FOREIGN INFLUENCE.

We celebrate the barbarians at the gate.

FOREIGN INFLUENCE is administered by Brian Bergen-Aurand–author, editor, and teacher.

Recent Publications by Brian Bergen-Aurand include:


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