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Essay: On Not Teaching Night & Fog to University Students Who Don’t Have Time (For the Holocaust) —from jewish philosophy place

Something very strange happened in my American Judaism class this past week. At the start of the semester in relation to I forget what I got into an argument with my students (a good natured one I’d like to think) about kitschy Hollywood Holocaust movies. Ella was not the only student who defended The Boy […] … Continue reading


Rethinking Prison Labels, Rethinking Prison Relations

by Brian Bergen-Aurand On Tuesday, 1 November 2016, the Washington state Department of Corrections issued a memo stating it will no longer refer to those persons under its supervision as “offenders.” (The state dropped the term “inmates” in favor of “offenders” in the 2000s. Now, it is rethinking its labels again.) According to the memo, … Continue reading