Essay: “Much More Than Just Music”: Ways of Learning in the Krip-Hop Nation–from Hawk Hopes Blog<<Change is a Collaborative Act

Hawk Hopes Blog: KU Special Education

kriphop-old-logoLeroy Franklin Moore Jr. is a Black writer, poet, Hip-Hopmusic lover, community activist, and feminist with cerebral palsy. Born in 1967, Moore is a native upstate New Yorker now living in and working from California. In a recent phone interview with Sorcha Hyland for Hawk Hopes Blog Moore reminisces on the world he grew up in and the impact it has had on his art and his work. He begins by describing his father’s huge record collection which filled the family basement. Moore spent hours playing music and looking at album covers. As a child with a physical disability, he was particularly taken with the many records he found by Black artists with disabilities.–

Walter Jackson, Robert Winters… a lot of blind artists. At the time I didn’t know but it really gave me support to deal with the lack of anything in the school district around disability. Back then it…

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